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On Being in the Image of God

On Being in the Image of God

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In this lecture series Ben Witherington examines what it means to human from a Biblical point of view, and in what ways humans are like God. What does it mean, after all, to be created in the image of God? Why is it important to understand this key concept that links the Old Testament and New Testament, Creation, Fall, and Redemption, and Biblical theology in general? What is the relationship of theology and ethics in the Bible and how does the concept of the Image of God help us understand that relationship? What will it mean to finally be fully conformed to the image of Christ at the resurrection when he returns? These and related ideas are discussed in this collection. Lectures include: The Image of God as the Intersection between Theology and Ethics in the New Testament The Image of God as Our Eschatological Goal Goblecki Tepe and the Image of God Have We Always Been Religious?

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