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Renewing the Evangelical Mission

Renewing the Evangelical Mission

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Listen to presentations from ten leading theologians as they grapple with the theological mission of the church in an increasingly post-Christian, post-partisan and global context. All together this collection includes more than 15 hours of some of today's best minds wrestling with difficult and complex issues. This is a must have for Christians seeking to understand and engage our contemporary world. Among questions considered are: How do global realities impact the historic mission of evangelical theology? What sense can be made of the unity of evangelical theology in light of its many diverse voices? How can/should evangelicals relate to the Great Tradition and also speak in the vernacular of global culture? What are the theological challenges and opportunities moving forward for American evangelicals? This conference was held in honor of Dr. David F. Wells, former Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology and current Distinguished Senior Research Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Plenary Sessions include:

(1) Mark Noll- Ecumenical Realities and Evangelical Theology.
(2) Cornelius Plantinga- Renewing Evangelical Theology: Reflections on the Contributions of David Wells
(3) Miroslav Volf- God, Globalization and Human Flourishing
(4) Tite Tienou- Renewing Evangelical Identity from the Margins
(5) J. I. Packer- The Return to Catechesis: Lessons from the Great Tradition
(6) Lauren Winner- The Practice of Piety: Spiritual Formation and Ecclesial Identity
(7) Os Guinness- Found Faithful: Challenges to Christian Orthodoxy in the Global Era
(8) Church & Culture: Legacy of David F. Wells
(9) Bruce McCormack- The Only Mediator: The Person and Work of Christ in Evangelical Perspective
(10) Kevin Vanhoozer - Interpreting Scripture Between the Rock of Biblical Studies and the Hard Place of Systematic Theology: the State of the Evangelical (Dis)union
(11) Michael Horton- Rediscovering the Church After Evangelicalism

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